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reposted. [08 Aug 2006|03:47pm]
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[07 Aug 2006|12:03pm]
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[07 Aug 2006|12:02pm]
delete ranma and add lassie! come on, you weenies!
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[05 Aug 2006|05:11pm]

we're 18. watch out, world.
and i look like a complete dork.
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[04 Aug 2006|12:18am]
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[01 Aug 2006|11:33pm]
hey hey hey. i'm trying to find anyone who has an early adopter account that they're not using and are willing to give it away. preferrably to me. i don't want to keep spending the little money i have just to make layouts and what not. it'll be highly appreciated, and OF COURSE! i'll love you forever.
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[29 Jul 2006|11:18pm]
hey, bitches. i'm alive. i've graduated from stony point high school in may, and i am currently working at solectron and preparing for college.

18 yearsCollapse )
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[23 Mar 2006|04:50am]
hello you guys. i can't go back to bed, i have to pee, and i'm cold. listen to me horribly sing. to tell an opinion, i sound better than some of the people there! honestly, i've listened.

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[14 Mar 2006|10:18pm]
here's me again. edited though.. not that revealing. woo.

woo. it says miaka. how cool am i.
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[23 Feb 2006|09:25am]
hey you guys. D: i'm at school right now and i was hoping we'd have a substitute for 5th period, and we do! xD i don't know if we're allowed to be on the internet though.. so i'm not going to type that much. roflmao. xD yeah.. since i haven't updated in a while, here's a recent picture of me taken on feb. 18, 2006. O_O this is as recent as it gets.

SEE MANDA!Collapse )
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[13 Jan 2006|10:24am]
Roflmao. It's been a whlie since I've typed in this thing. xD Roflmao! Uh.. Im at school right now, and I just finished reading five chapters in a book.. for english. It was pretty gay, I tell ya. I also had to answer these stupid study guide questions but I did that while I was reading. Um.. Nothing much has been happening. I got a new phone for christmas, finally, and then.. that's pretty much it. On New Years, I had to watch all of the kids.. ALL six of them.. they were kind of a pain in the ass, because Cam ALWAYS tells on you. I was playing a game on Gamecube or something, aned she tried to snatch the remote out of my hand, and I was like "Hey! Don't snatch the remote out of my hand!" and she made this werido face at me and then she said "Im going to tell on you!" So she went to my mom and told on me, and my mom was all "You better let her play!" but obviously, the game was way too advanced for her. xD Roflmao. Uh.. I don't have that much time before the class ends, so I'm probably going to stop typing.. after this. Oh! If I know you, and you want my cell phone number, instant message me or something and I'll give it to you. xD Roflmao! Talk to you.. laters or something. >_>; I still have the same AIM name, and my e-mail address is kuradou@hotmail.com D:
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[24 Nov 2005|10:05am]
i just woke up and uh.. happy thanksgiving! i have a six day weekend, while RRISD students have 5! ahahaa. take that.
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[22 Nov 2005|08:24pm]
hahaha. i got suspended. i got called into my grade level office and they gave me three papers that had all (22) of my tardies, and i had to go in this room and three other people were in there. the other two got talked to, then the guy asked me "so what's your story." and i basically said that i didn't wanna go to saturday school.. then he said "alright i'll assign you suspension on monday." so i said okay. and.. he called my house XD left a message saying that since i didn't go to my last three saturday schools that i had to be suspended.. and yeah. normally, i would have gotten I.S.S (in school suspension) because I had '20' tardies, but he said that they're not doing ISS anymore, so I had to get suspended n stuff. Oh well. I called my momma when I got home and she just asked me why, and I explained that I had to get OSS instead of ISS and she said "you better start going to your saturday's." and i said "I didn't think it would matter, because last year I never went to Saturday school." then she said "Well, it's different." and i said "Now I know that. xD" then she said "okay then. blah blah blah." she wasn't mad. wooot. Now, I get a 6 day weekend, instead of just a stupid 5. =D

we're going to pick up victor on saturday so he can help me put up christmas lights, but i think before that, in the morning, chris, briana, victor, my mom and i are going to go eat at mother fucking pho, then we're gonna get some mother fucking smoothies with the mother fucking pearls and it's mother fucking good. oh. yeah. happy thanksgiving, and if you QTPiez happen to read or come across this, Happy Anniversary! I don't know how many year's it's been.. hehe.
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[16 Nov 2005|03:08pm]
im at school right now and im supposed to be doing my work. xD roflmao. today is wednesday and this week is going by pretty quick.. and I can't wait for it to end. we finally got some cold weather, too, and i love it! i can't wait until thanksgiving. -drools- it's going to be so greatt.

my legs are really sore! we had to run a mile or something, and.. chris was dragging me along the way acting like i was in the effin army or something. roflmao. i've deicded to run every day, so that when i do run, i won't be hella sore. i think im done for now. I need to get workin' on my work. xD
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[15 Nov 2005|03:00am]
somebody HOST ME.
http://freewebs.com/furybeam/mandy.htm look at me and my nice website on a poor domain! help a nigasian out. :D
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[13 Nov 2005|03:06am]
we wrapped 100 shanghais. xD it took us one whole hour, and yeah! this was probably into the first 3-5 minutes of wrapping. man oh man, did it take forever.Collapse )
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[11 Nov 2005|12:27am]
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[08 Nov 2005|12:00am]
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[06 Nov 2005|07:19pm]
i'm going to mother fucking san jose, california december 9th, 2005. i can't mother fucking wait.
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[05 Nov 2005|10:40pm]
when 18 year olds date 14-15 years olds.. it's nasty. so.. if you're doing it, stop doing it, you desperate freaks. it should be a rule.. you can't date people 2 years older or younger than you.
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